Tenzin Imports & Festival Essentials

Festival fashion is a beautiful thing, often drawing inspiration from a variety of peace loving cultures from across the world.  Beyond the neon lights and glowing gloves of the night, you may find psychedelic superheroes like our hosts Steven Rhys & Mike Van Dusen who dress in attire curated with the intention of warding off bad energy and attracting like minded individuals who wish peace to one another.  Choosing the right outfit seems easier than it really is, as every item of the average festival goer’s ensemble is painstakingly chosen with care and certain intentions.  So finding the right items that complete your outfit is often difficult.  Not with Tenzin Imports.

Going to Tenzin’s has become something of a pre-festival ritual for FestHype.  They’re located at two different storefronts in the Santee alley in downtown Los Angeles (fashion district), and carry every thing for your spiritual healing, yoga, and festival needs.  Importing items from multiple nations and cultures from across the world, Tenzin’s has something for almost every festival goer.

Check out Tenzin’s today, where you can meet Tenzin himself who will aide you in picking your perfect attire!

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