Senior Staff


Steven Rhys – Head of Production/Editor

is a man of many trades and one of the two hosts and founders of FestHype.  He is an American filmmaker / comedian / writer / producer / and massive music festival fan.  Steven made the move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue his passion for music and entertainment.  Mr. Rhys then founded DeathBunnies Productions with Mike, a multimedia production company specializing in internet content where they were able to express their talents behind the scenes.  After working his way through the comedy community, Steven branched out and found his calling within the music festival community setting out to spread his wealth of knowledge and insight by starting FestHype with his partner MVD.  Most of Steven’s work and writing can be found in the news and every day articles of FestHype.  You can follow Steven Rhys on twitter @iamstevenrhys or if you have any questions about the show or would like to sponsor us drop him an email at

Improv – Westside Comedy Theater – Santa Monica, CA
Improv – The Second City – Hollywood, CA
Stand Up – Westside Comedy Theater – Santa Monica CA
Sketch – DeathBunnies Productions / Cold Jive Turkey
Writing –

Favorite Genre:
Rap & Down-Tempo (Trip-Hop)

Favorite Festival:



Mike Van Dusen aka The MVDxperience – Artist & Public Relations

is the second of the two hosts and founders of FestHype.  He is an American actor / filmmaker / self-proclaimed hippie / and spiritual guru.  MVD originally hailed from the rough and tumble streets of Detroit, MI but now resides in the sunny state of California pursuing a career in film, attending festivals all across the nation, and bringing smiles to all those who are lucky enough to cross his path.  You may have recognized him in music videos like Dillion Francis & NGHTMARE video for “Need You”.  Those who have come in contact with him know that for better or worst, an interaction with MVD will change your life forever.  Mike serves as a Host and Head of Artist & Public Relations at FestHype.  You can follow him on twitter @theMVDxperience or you can email him at

Favorite Genre:
Rock & Jam

Favorite Festival:



Jake Albrecht – Content Media Manager

California born and Michigan raised, Jake Albrecht is a composition seeker that lives life through the lens of his camera. His candid documentary style aims to exploit true emotion in every frame. After finishing college he cut his teeth shooting photography in the studio with music producers and world touring with metal bands. The art form of music has always been one of his main interests in photography. His imagery can be found by following him on Instagram @jakealbrechtphotography.


Photographer for The Clippers (NBA)
Touring photographer – “As Blood Runs Black”
Photographer for 1500 or Nothin’
Director of Photography – action water sports travel series “Boarding Pass”
Published photography in multiple action water sports magazines.

Favorite Music Genre:

Favorite Festival:
Life is Beautiful




Other Staff

Enya Moran – Photographer

Sarah Nemer – Correspondent

Dawn Thompson – Correspondent

Amber Robles – Correspondent

Storm Wilbur – Correspondent