Oregon Eclipse Unveils “Sky Stage” and Fourth Phase of 2017 Lineup

If you follow FestHype (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), you would know that there is no festival we here at FestHype are more excited for than the 2017 Oregon Eclipse Music Festival taking place August 17-23 at Big Summit Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest.

This marks the fourth phase of the lineup releases, and there’s only 3 more to go!  Each lineup release is based on the stages in which the acts will be performing.  This release is based around the “Sky Stage”.  Previously released stages include “Sun”, “Earth”, and “Moon“.

The brainchild is the combined effort of 11 different collaborating festivals from all over the world.  Oregon Eclipse WILL be the festival of the century.  So be sure to grab your tickets now while you still can, because this is an event that is sure to sell out fast!

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