Oregon Eclipse Introduces “Trailblazer Passes” New Bitcoin Based Ticket Buying

We are truly living in a new and groundbreaking age.  One where not only you can attend a week long music festival organized by the collaborative effort of 11 different festivals worldwide, taking in the breathtaking once in a life-time sight of a total solar eclipse, all while accompanied by the sweet sounds of your favorite bands.  But now you can buy a ticket to said festival with the “future” of currency of this world.

Oregon Eclipse announced today their brand new Trailblazer Passes which can be purchased used Coinbased currency like Bitcoin.  Buy your passes HERE

With the most recent news that Bitcoin has now surpassed gold in it’s value, it’s no surprise to see its integration into modern society and more importantly the every day life of Generation-Y.  This is a brilliant move by Oregon Eclipse, and it shows that they really know their audience and are willing to evolve and change with them.  Finally doing away with outdated and frankly rigged systems like Ticketmaster

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