“Mayor of Lightning in a Bottle”, runs for Mayor of Los Angeles

Election is probably a word that most American’s are sick of hearing about at this point.  But hopefully it’ll be different for most this time around.  Starting today Founder of Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, Paul E. Amori also known to all those who attend the Lightning in a Bottle Festival (in Bradley, CA) as “The Mayor of Lighting in a Bottle” has announced that he is running for the Mayor of Los Angeles.  Paul will be running on the Vote 4 Love campaign in which he asks his constituents the simple question of “How do we create the most love for the most people?”

Amori first won the honorary title of “The Mayor of LiB” back in 2012 at the festival backed by his legendary “Vote 4 Love” campaign.  The following year he launched a crowd-funding campaign to bring a vision of his own Casino & Burlesque to the festival. In a huge push from his enthusiastic supporters who donated more than fifteen thousand dollars to build a home for Love at LIB, Amori found a new home for his Casino & Burlesque.

On the “Vote 4 Love” campaign, Lightning In a Bottle Co-Founder Josh Flemming has been quoted with saying, “We are humbled and excited to see one of our own out there being a voice for good. In the dynamic and all too often disheartening landscape of American politics, it’s refreshing to see someone from the local community of artists leading the charge to bring hope to areas and people that need it most. For this reason, we’re proud to support Paul E. Amori for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2017.“


Some of the key points of Amori’s platform are:

  • LOVE AS A CORE VALUE – Many of the issues faced by Angelenos and local governance today, like homelessness, traffic, the housing shortage and the rising cost of living –  can be solved through a dedicated and intentional focus to spread love.
  • IMPROVED VOTER TURNOUT – Less than 20% of registered voters are expected to turnout for LA’s 2017 mayoral election. We want to engage voters by showing them how to become involved in policy creation.
  • CROWD-SOURCED SOLUTIONS – One main reason people are disenchanted with politics is they feel no candidates are offering a voice that truly represents them. By sourcing ideas from the community, real solutions can be made to address real issues.


To find out more about Amori, the “Vote 4 Love” campaign, and everything else you may need to know visit Vote4Love.com and learn all about how to “Love Your Vote” on March 7th, 2017.


Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is a transformational festival in the Central Coast region of California presented by The Do LaB. The Do LaB seeks to promote sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression.

“About Do LaB Inc.: Do LaB™ is an events production company based in Los Angeles, CA. Since its inception, Do LaB™ has designed, produced and introduced iconic festival experiences from psychedelic structures to interactive theater and a cavalcade of the best emerging music talent across an array of genres. In addition to winning the Greener Festival Award six years in a row, and running what the Rolling Stone has called “The Best Dancefloor at Coachella”, their flagship event, Lightning In a Bottle Arts and Music Festival has been widely celebrated for its intimate environments and intentional offerings, which are often recounted as personally defining, life-changing experiences.”

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