Massive KAABOO 2017 lineup revealed: Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Muse, Jane’s Addiction, and more

The day we’ve all been waiting for (at least all of us at FestHype) has finally arrived, and the beautiful annual Del Mar based festival known as KAABOO has finally revealed their lineup, and it’s a boy is it doozy!

Including headliners like Tom Petty, RHCP, Jane’s Addiction, and an insanely deep lower tier chart, KAABOO has seriously stepped it up from previous years.  This year’s lineup includes a way more well rounded lineup featuring top artists from every genre and generation.  You can peep the full lineup release below:

If you ever listened to the FestHype podcast (1, 2), you know that KAABOO is very special to us.  Not only was it the first festival to welcome the FestHype family as full members of the press, but also it is where our company expanded when we met two of our most talented correspondents Dawn Thompson and Sarah Nemer.

To say that we are psyched for KAABOO is an understatement, make sure you scoop tickets ASAP and come party with the whole FestHype family!

What’s Changing in 2017?

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