LOCKN’ Gets Approval For Late Night Shows Until 2 and 3am

One of the best features of music festivals when I first started going (almost a decade ago) was the late night sets.  My greatest Bonnaroo memory was discovering STS9 for the first time as they played from 2am until dawn, melting the faces of all those who dared to pass by.  But sadly as time went on, and corporate sponsorship took hold more and more festivals began abandoning the “late night sets” as complaints from neighboring communities began to mount.  If you were an attendee of the festival, you never wanted your night to end, but if you were a resident of a surrounding community, you just wanted some damn sleep.

So instead of working with communities, most festivals opted to take the easy way out and abandon the idea all together.  Ignoring completely what the attendees wanted, sending them all scrambling across the nation for a new festival destination.  But LOCKN‘, stood to be different.  The yearly jam based festival held in Arlington, VA was always known for it’s late night sets, and made sure it became almost synonymous with their name.  So obvious concerns arose from loyal attendees when it came down that LOCKN‘ would be meeting with Nelson County Board of Supervisors to discuss the future of their late night atmosphere.

Thanks to outreach from the community, and a willingness to meet and talk, LOCKN‘ Festival has now confirmed that they will be holding late night sets until 2 & 3am on Friday and Saturday.  This is a huge win for not only festival goers but also community residents who were willing to work with each other and in turn will see the profits of this mutually beneficially situation.



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