Lineup Releases & Mental Health in the Music Community

This week, hosts Steven & Mike explore the many different lineup announcements that were released this past week.  From Hangout Festival to Wanee there is a festival for absolutely every kind of festival goer and music lover.  Some of the lineups we love some we did not.  Find out which festivals we feel are MUSTS this upcoming festival season, and which you can probably skip.

Also this episode, we explore a very taboo subject in which we hold very near and dear to our hearts.  Mental health and illness are subjects that are rarely broached and usually misinterpreted, but affect more people than you may realize.  And we here at FestHype, believe that ‘Step 1’ to tackling a problem is addressing it.  Mr. Rhys goes into some detail about his own struggles and past with the subject, as we all offer an open ear and helping hand to our struggling brothers and sisters across the world who share this and other similar afflictions.  FestHype takes the issue of mental health and wellness extremely seriously and is will to do whatever it takes to advance it’s awareness. The discussion begins at (42:43)

If you suffer from mental illness, or just don’t feel right. Just know that there are people out there who love and care for you, even if you haven’t met them yet.  Don’t wait, get help today.  The first step to solving the problem is talking about it, and sometimes that’s all we need.  There are great programs nationwide that offer help to any and everyone.  You can find some more information here

ALSO this episode music by Rachel Lark, Con Brio, and Rayland Baxter.

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