Lady GaGa Set to Replace Beyonce as Headliner at Coachella 2017

Coachella announced today that they will be replacing their Queen’s Saturday’s headlining spot with a Lady.  That’s right, Lady Gaga will now be performing instead of Beyonce at Coachella 2017.  Even though we were all very excited to see Queen Bey do her single ladies dance in a leotard and baby bump, it was a smart move by Coachella to bring in Gaga after Beyonce announced she would be pulling out, although some may call it safe and lateral move.

Gaga, like Beyonce brings her own set of cult-ish fans who would pay almost any price to see her; but it begs the question, is it enough?  With ticket prices dropping rapidly, it’s obvious that Chella is trying to make up for the loss with another large female pop star with her own fan base, but do Gaga’s “Little Monsters” really reach as far as Bey’s army?  And are Gaga fans really the type of fans to shell out the money last second to see their savior at one of the most over priced festivals in the world? We will find out…

Some people see the addition as a disappointment and many fans were expecting someone of equal or larger status within the festival community.  Daft Punk was floated around a lot on Reddit and the message boards, but most people knew that was a long shot.

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