FH025: Alta Music Festival 2016

This week we’re taking some time to explore a smaller festival which we feel don’t get enough of our attention.  We’ve turned our attention to The Alta Music Festival taking place Oct. 15 at the Avilla Beach Resort.  This is Alta’s first year and they are kicking things off right with an amazing groovy lineup and killer location.

What To Expect:

We explore the sounds of three immensly talented acts who we feel you need to make time to see.  Including Wheeland Brothers, Unified Highway, and Collie Buddz.

Fantasy Festival Draft: We discuss the sustainability of this year’s lineup and talk about which artists we may pick if we were picking the lineup next year

College Homecoming Festival

Steve’s Rant: Steve releases his inner “Philly” and rages on a new subject

Artist Name Changes:  Who decides, and why?

and much more!


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