FH008: An Afternoon With Rachel Lark

This week for a very special episode of FestHype, Steve & MVDx sit down with festival artist and voice of the people Rachel Lark, who stops by the studio to open up about a multitude of topics letting us take a glimpse into her brilliantly beautiful brain.  Including playing at festivals like Joshua Tree, Burning Man, & Enchanted Forest as well as opening up about her experiences with crowd funding campaigns, and her vision of a better world.

Rachel Lark is an amazing independent artist and multi-instrumentalist who ranges in a wide variety of musical genres including (but never limited to) becoming the poster child and voice of the sex-positive revolution.  Rachel’s music sets out to do more than just entertain, by invoking an array of taboo topics paired with enchanting harmonies Rachel delivers concrete progressive messages that society is too afraid to address.

Rachel opens up about her musical inspirations, her recent experiences with sexism in the festival community & how she is working towards eliminating that to create a better and equal place for all genders and races, her process, and much more!  Listen and SUBSCRIBE below:

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