The FestHype Radio Podcast: 047 Lightning in a Bottle 2017 Preview

On this episode of America’s #1 music festival podcast & talk show, we preview one of the most anticipated and talked about festivals this year; Lightning in a Bottle 2017, which will take place this Memorial Day week(end) from May 24-29 Bradley, CA.  Organized and put on by the infamous Do-Lab.

This year’s festival boasts more than 100 artists encompassing genres from all across the musical spectrum, but still retaining it’s unique individuality with a heavy emphasis in psytrance and bass.  Lightning in a Bottle is a “transformational” festival aimed at the attendees’ personal enjoyment rather than musical attraction.  LiB hosts a plethora of activities and workshops geared towards educating and enlightening their audiences instead of trying to sell them an experience.  This festival strives to be ahead of the pack, and demonstrates that in the numerous activities that they enrich their environment with.  Speaking of environment, they have also won the “A Greener Festival’s Outstanding Award” for the past six years and counting.

During this preview we will explore the various areas that in our opinion make Lightning in a Bottle special, including:

  • Location
  • Lineup & Stages
  • Atmosphere & Intended Draw
  • Harm Reduction Programs & Being On The Forefront
  • Camping
    • “Camp for your inner kid and outer festie”
  • Art
  • Workshops
  • Coming Attractions
  • And More!


Also throughout this episode we feature the work of four lesser known artists who will be performing at Lightning in a Bottle, and who we feel you NEED to make time in your festival schedule for.  Including:

This year’s festival will be attended and reviewed by two of our top correspondents Amber Robles & Storm Wilbur.  This episode should serve as a preview to this year’s Lightning in a Bottle and highlight key features which we feel make this festival stand out from the rest.

We will be providing a review of the festival shortly after it has ended so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe!

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