The FestHype Podcast: 045 Euphoria Music Festival 2017 Recap/Review

This week America’s #1 music festival podcast & talk show recaps and reviews Euphoria Music Festival which took place April 6-9 in Carson Creek, TX (outside Austin).  This was another big year for Euphoria, not only were they recently mentioned on Fest300’s Top Festivals around the World, but also hosted a plethora of FestHype favorite artists.  We sent two of our top correspondents Nicholas & Torrie down to the beautiful creek side to report back to see what Euphoria is really like, and they came back with nothing but glowing reviews!

There were some areas where Euphoria really exceeded all expectations.  During this review, we will explore the many different areas in which we feel make up a good festival, and highlight the ones where Euphoria really excelled.  Those areas include:

  • Stage Set-up/Production
  • Safety & Harm Reduction
  • Festival App
  • Food & Drinks
  • Favorite Artists
  • General Atmosphere

Also this episode we feature the work of three lesser known artists who played Euphoria, and have quickly became FestHype favorites after their performances.  Including:





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Edited & Translated by: Steven Rhys

Attended & Reviews by: Victoria Veit & Nicholas Gottschlich


Both Torrie & Nicholas share a love for EDM music and culture. Nicholas also holds a respective background in the engineering and development field which allowed us to view certain elements of the festival experience in a new light.  We couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for their participation and review of this festival!


Also we are greatly sorry that, Nicholas was constantly referred to as “Neil” on the show.  It was a mistake on our part and one we are deeply embarrassed by.  Again our apologies to Nicholas & Torrie, who did an outstanding job reviewing Euphoria.

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