The FestHype Podcast: 043 Starry Nites 2017 Recap/Review

This week America’s #1 Music Festival podcast & talk show, recap and reviews their most recent experiences at Starry Nights Music Festival, which took place in Santa Barbara March 18 & 19 and was presented by Starry Nights Records, Derert Stars Festival, and KCRW.  This was the inaugural year for the Starry Nights Festival, boasting headlining greats such as The Alan Parsons’ Project, Cat Power, The Kills, The Dandy Warhols, She Wants Revenge, and many more!

Starry Nights took place on a beautiful 42-acre ranch, located in the mountains of Santa Barbara at the Live Oak Campground.  Listen below for the full recap from FestHype co-founder Mike Van Dusen aka The MVDxpereince


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