The FestHype Podcast: 040 Euphoria Music Festival 2017

This week America’s #1 Music Festival podcast & talk show, explores one of the most anticipated American festivals, Euphoria, taking place at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX April 6-9.  This is another big year for Euphoria, not only were they recently mentioned on Fest300’s Top Festivals around the World, but have also announced more festival additions that make the anticipation almost unbearable.

Every week we feature the work of 3 lesser known artists we feel that everyone should make time in their schedule for regardless of if they’re attending a music festival or not.  This week we explore the talents of:

Chet Porter


Magna Carda


FestHype will be live, at Euphoria so make sure you look for us and remember to ENJOY THIS LIFE


“We’re curious creatures, constantly seeking better ways to connect with people; constantly seeking better ways to add value to their lives and give back. We think about how people devour music, information, and new ideas and then go out into the world and plant the seeds of change. We are fans. Pure and simple. We’re deeply enriched by the transformative effects of music and community. We belong to and live in the musical moment. We belong to a community who, through music, seek a deeper, richer,  more inspired experience. We belong to Austin, to its freedom and vibe. We belong to those who doubt the conventional and create the exceptional. We belong to each other, one family camping and laughing and loving and sharing in the joy of music. We belong here, in this place, which is far more than a music venue; far more than a festival, it’s a completely immersive experience, a place where you listen, create, feel and literally — live in the moment. #FindYourEuphoria”

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