It is with great pleasure that we announce today that we are officially partnering with BlogTalkRadio for all future episodes of FestHype.

BlogTalkRadio reached out to us, and after speaking with their people and hearing their vision for our show’s future we decided that they would be the perfect fit for us and our show. We will be their first venture into a music based podcast series and we can’t wait to set the standard for their millions of subscribers. We have a lot of big plans ahead for the show and can’t wait to get started!  You will still be able to find all episodes and more here at or you can find episodes on our BlogTalkRadio page at

And seriously a BIG thank you to everyone who listened to the show and supported us. Without you, we were just 2 dudes talking about music festivals in my kitchen. Now we are two dudes being invited to music festivals all over the US to interview musicians and talk about our experiences and GETTING PAID FOR IT!!!! When Mike and I decided to embark on the journey together years ago, we never thought this is what would be in stored for us.  But we now we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you everyone!

Steven Rhys & Mike Van Dusen

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