FestHype is the world’s #1 music festival podcast.  Formerly known as Walking Wookie, FestHype is hosted by filmmaker / comedian /  and avid festival goer Steven Rhys. Every week FestHype strives to bring its listeners the latest and greatest in festival news, coverage, and much more.  Recorded weekly in Los Angeles, FestHype is brought to you by DeathBunnies Productions and sponsored by BlogTalkRadio and LootCrate.


What Is A “Music Festival?”
A very common question among festival goers alike, there are many classifications and you’ll get a lot of different answers depending on who you ask, but FestHype believes the following constitutes the title of a “music festival.”

1.) Multiple Bands/Acts
2.) Multiple Stages (debatable)
3.) Sense Of Community
4.) Celebration Of A Love For Music


Copyrights & Fair Use:
The music featured on The FestHype Podcast is protected under the fair use clause, and serves only to promote the bands/acts in which are featured on the show.  Every song played, is accompanied with the musicians’ information as well as instructions as to where the listener may obtain or buy the songs from the bands themselves.  All music played on the show was obtained legally.  In some cases songs may be played directly from the bands’ own site (ie SoundCloud, BandCamp, YouTube, etc.) The FestHype in NO way endorses illegal downloading of any kind and serves only as a celebration of the bands who play music festivals.  Songs on the podcast will never be aired in their entirety to prevent this as well.

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